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About me:I live in Portland OR with my beautiful girlfriend Aimee and part time with my son Soul. I love music in every aspect , from listening to writing. My favorite band of all time is Phish, and life is good!
Member Since:September 16, 2008
Last Login:August 19, 2014
Location:Lake Oswego, OR
Birthday:September 21
Music means to me:True expression of ones soul! Whether created or listened to musics power is our harmonic voice
Schools:graduated high school in 1996, went on to study at the University of All States America- graduating with a degree in Phish
General Interests:Number one is my son. Number two is creating my own music, developing a sound that is my own and hopefully original. Huge New York Yankees fan. I know, but it's where I grew up.... Fucking sue me!
Other Distractions:The great outdoors. I Live in the Pacific NW and I would be an idiot not to enjoy it.


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