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About me:Residing in B-ville, try to make it to as many shows as possible, best shows of the year include, Les Claypool at cabooze, Phil and Friends in St Paul, Bob Weir in Milwaukee, Mike Gordon in Dinkytown, we'll see how Buckethead goes in two weeks
Member Since:December 5, 2007
Last Login:November 2, 2008
Location:Inver Grove Heights, MN
Birthday:July 18
Music means to me:Live concerts are the onlky way to go, unless you favorite band broke up or died then it's okay to bust out the DVDs, utube, or whatever that keeps you rockin
Schools:BA Economics U of M, currently enrolled in MBA program
General Interests:reading hunter s thompson, vonnegut, whatever seems interesting, movies, some video games, internet surfing, guitar
Other Distractions:texas holdem', wine, whiskey, scotch and beer


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