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About me:uhh i'm Angelica, I love some punk and some reggae and lots of ska. Mostly i listen to sublime and Slightly Stoopid. I'm Irish and probably too proud. wanna know more just talk to me.
Member Since:October 21, 2006
Last Login:June 29, 2008
Location:Aurora, CO
Birthday:September 22
Music means to me:Music isn't my life, honestly, i would be able to live an function without it, but on the otherhand it would be pretty shitty living without it. Music = amazing
Schools:Cherry Creek
General Interests:Sublime and Bradley Nowell,Slightly Stoopid, punk, ska, reggae, fucking with my hair (dying it and shit, right now i have dreads), hemp, tokin, uhhh checkers and plaid are the best patterns ever, i like irish history....and other stuff too.
Other Distractions:ugggggh i hate filing these outttt..... i don't have enough patience to read books, as far as TV, the only good shows are like Simpsons and south park, most of the rest of TV is the media trying to brainwash you. movies... i like American history X, In The Name of THe Father, and Michael Collins. i hate hate hate Napolean Dynamite.


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