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About me:recently moved to the suburb of aurora from michigan. i'm currently working toward applying to graduate school. i would really like to study musicology or ethnomusicology. i'm really down to earth and keep it real at all times. i also love life! stop by my myspace and say hello if you have time;)!
Member Since:May 22, 2004
Last Login:February 28, 2009
Location:Aurora, IL
Birthday:April 22
Music means to me:live music is my life line! i don't always have the funds for it but it definitely means a lot to me and i would not be who i am without it.
General Interests:music, art, framing art of all types, photography, coloring, camping, people, good friends, thinking, day dreaming, wishing on stars, star gazing, crafts, the list could go on forever....
Other Distractions:i love 80's movies and don't really watch that much TV. what i do watch is king of the hill, sipmsons, real world, real world/road rules challenge, six feet under, adult swim, law and order


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