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About me:I kick it in Denver. I play dubstep, dub, reggae, jungle, and experimental hip hop music.
Member Since:November 22, 2003
Last Login:October 7, 2010
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:March 12
Music means to me:I've been doin the turntablist dance for 10 years now, under the name Premise One. And I mean that I actually cut, juggle, manipulate phonograph records. Sorry for the explanation for those in the know, but the term "turntablist/turntablism" is often used far too losely in my opinion.
Music, to me, is merely an algamation of the technical and abstract, objective and spiritual, mundane and magical.
This leaves wide parameters where any sense or emotion can be tapped. However, this is risky because digression just as well as progression may be derived from this ancient imperative.
Schools:University of Southern Indiana, Indiana State University
General Interests:Music, skateboarding, grafitti art, popping, reading.
Other Distractions:H.MIller "Tropic of Capricorn"
Phillip K. Dick "Dr. Bloodmoney"
S.Kubrick "Dr. Strangelove," "Full Metal Jacket," "The Shinning"
oh fuck, who am I kidding, this could go on forever.


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