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About me:I'm 22, expecting my first child in September, lover of music, good people, good food, Family, camping, traveling, and life :)
Member Since:March 25, 2008
Last Login:March 25, 2008
Location:Coxsackie, NY
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:Music does it all for me. It's like, no matter how I'm feeling emotionally, there's always a song that i can find to relate to... Sometimes it's in lyrics and sometimes it's purely instrumental. Music is an expression, a connector, and can be found anywhere and in anything...
Schools:Graduated from Doane Stuart, albany NY... went to college at Saint Rose. Went for Early Childhood education. LOVE kids!
General Interests:philosophy, psychology, at-home births (midwifery), nature... etc.
Other Distractions:i live in a world of distractions...


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