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About me:I am a quirky lass who loves indie rock and oddities of the music world. I have a boyfriend and he is fantastic we went to see the mates of state lastnight (dec 2nd) and they were awesome. I love the color periwinkle and I love shoes. I am a Red head and proud of it. heh i guess i could ramble on but I wont.
Member Since:December 3, 2006
Last Login:April 13, 2007
Location:Pearland, TX
Birthday:April 14
Music means to me:Music is freedom and it gives us all a way to express our inner most self whether it be super quirky or sad and depressing or outlandishly happy...........
General Interests:Shoes, music, contemp art, social drinking, romantic movies, forgine films, and all that jazz
Other Distractions:I LOVE TO READ>


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