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About me:Hey people, ...like playing drums mostly. I play drums in the band "Mob Towne Revival"...going to live shows, music festivals, partying when time allows...mostly just chilling out with my sweet fiance Amanda. I consider myself a pretty chill person. I never miss a good opportunity to shut up, things come out better when you don't try and force them out for the sake of talking. All in all, I stick by the "if you're cool with me, I'm cool with you" saying.
Member Since:July 20, 2005
Last Login:August 14, 2013
Location:Mobile, AL
Birthday:October 3
Music means to me:This Quote describes it best: "I was a young man, my parents and their peers had ways of encouraging the young people, and there was an expression they would use: "Tell your story."
"What the people meant was, Do it your way and make it for all of us." "This is the way I believe a song is supposed to be rendered, whether it is a drum song or a saxaphone song or any other. The composition should be expressed in a form that can be recognized as a story. If that's what people are hearing, then that means I'm doing it."
-Elvin Jones (Modern Drummer Magazine, Aug '79)
General Interests:Playing drums, listening to music, playing music, listening to drums, .....well, music is my main interest....the "about me" section says it best.
Other Distractions:MOVIES: The Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, anchorman, 40 year old virgin, half baked, X-Men, wet hot american summer, run ronnie run, waiting, dazed and confused, donnie darko, boondock saints, casshern, harry potter, royal tenenbaums, life aquatic, best in show, waiting for guffman, garden state, cheech & chong films, talladega nights, harold and kumar go to white castle...and many more I can't think of.
TV: Adult Swim, Aquateen Hunger Force, family guy, simpsons, futurama, arrested development, mr.show, upright citizens brigade, the state, yes dear, entourage, robot chicken, south park, freaks and geeks, conan o'brian, Myth Busters, Alias, That 70's Show, Scrubs, Reno 911, The Soup, Daily Show, Colbert report.


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