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About me:I'm a freshly college graduated guy who loves his girlfriend, playing drums, working at the studio, and pretty much life in general.
Member Since:June 13, 2008
Last Login:January 22, 2009
Location:Crystal Lake, IL
Birthday:February 2
Music means to me:A lot. It is a large source of my income and also a drain on my bank account! I like originality, creativity, and energy. It means a lot to me.
Schools:Bachelors of Science in Physics from Western Illinois University
General Interests:Mountain Biking, Photography, Drumming, Music in general, design, technology, living green, camping, outdoors stuff, more, more, more...
Other Distractions:Apple computers (my MacBook Pro!), Movies, Social Networking (damn internets), icanhascheezburger.com, my girlfriend (a welcome distraction!)


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