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About me:I am currently a student attending college in Boise, Idaho. I am a dedicated employee at a neighborhood restaurant and a large chunk of my earned wages goes to my favorite pastime, going to see live music.
Member Since:July 13, 2006
Last Login:July 7, 2009
Location:Boise, ID
Music means to me:I am a veritable music freak. I have seen many live concerts from a variety of talented bands. I love the Jam music scene. I am a huge Deadhead even though I only was able to see one show with Jerry (2/20/95). I have seen Phish 17 times and moe. about half that. I also love Widespread Panic,String Cheese, MMJ, Ween, STS9, Umphrey's, Gov't Mule and just about any band with an ounce of talent. I really enjoy finding new bands through Jambase.com and going to check them out at local spots. Sometimes I feel Boise gets overlooked as a good spot for bands to come play. Although we get the occasional sweet show, our scene is in much need of diversification. The upside to all this is our enthusiasm cannot be matched when good bands do come play here. At any rate, if a good show is going on in the area, you will most likely see me there.
Schools:Boise High School, Boise State University
General Interests:I enjoy music, books, bicycling, hiking, camping, learning new things, meeting new people, road trips, freshly baked treats, rollercoasters, microbrew, festivals, and fun


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