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Member Since:September 25, 2003
Last Login:April 5, 2013
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Birthday:May 12
Music means to me:It's always there for every occasion... there's music to dance to, to work to, to make you happy when you need it and to make you sad when you want to wallow in your depression... There's music for those who want to focus on the skill & artistry of a quality musician... there's music to make you buy something... Nobody can tell you what's good or not... It's a powerful grasp on one of your five (six? depending who you talk to) senses... or it can suck. But it does that rarely, although the really good stuff is hard to come by
Schools:the school of hard knocks & a veritable tour of America's finest institutions of higher learning
General Interests:board sports, mountain biking & good music
Other Distractions:whispering in my ear


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