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About me:i work at a bank and i shouldn't.
i don't whomp enough and i should.
"well, that's something we shall have to remedy then, isn't it?"
Member Since:December 10, 2010
Last Login:December 10, 2010
Location:Wichita Falls, TX
Birthday:January 23
Music means to me:dancing balls off.
Schools:university of arkansas. go hogs.
General Interests:other kinds of music.
Other Distractions:i have the worst case of adhd that my doctor has ever seen. he's been practicing for 25 years. why, thank you, doc... shouldn't i get a medal for this? or my parents, rather.
i try to keep up with my best buddy, mike, in our road to a full ironman. i may finish the race, but there's no way i can keep up with his white azz.


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