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Member Since:January 31, 2006
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Location:Clearwater, FL
Birthday:November 25
Music means to me:Music is a part of my everyday life. Its extremely important in that being a way of expressing our inner most thoughts and feelings. I see everything musicly, i have a song for everything i do and everyone i know. I associate everything with music. Without music, the world would be a dark meaningless boaring nothing with no emotion.
General Interests:I enjoy traveling as much as possible. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad.
Other Distractions:Weak when it comes to good friends,cold beer, and live music!


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what happened??
Tue 12/11/2007 1:44PM
was up with this site? its completely changed from how it was. I cant even check whare my fav artists r playin! all i get is peoples profiles like im im on some singles site. this was a really cool site once. This sucks