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About me:Saw my first GD show over 20 years ago, Saw my first Phish show 15 years ago, Saw my first Panic show 16 years ago, moe. 11 years ago and ALOT more than that, been on the bus a while now, I was that annoying kid at shows, now feel like the oldest dude there sometimes.
Member Since:February 5, 2001
Last Login:June 8, 2011
Location:Meadville, PA
Birthday:February 8
Music means to me:practically everything
Schools:Lyons Township High School- La Grange, IL., Eastern Illinois University, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
General Interests:experiencing live music, playing music, camping, biking, beer+
Other Distractions:Spinal Tap, Brain Candy, films by the Coens, Terry Gilliam, Wes Anderson and George Lucas, The Simpsons, Family Guy, LOST, The Office, Earl, ATHF and more, this is the short list but you get the idea


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