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About me:I'm a 21 year old that lives and breaths music . the latest excitment for me has deffinatly been the phish tour. sooooo many lonely phished out nights dreaming for the day when i could dance in there grace again. wellllll there back baby wooooooo!
Member Since:January 12, 2009
Last Login:September 30, 2009
Location:Roselle, IL
Birthday:May 24
Music means to me:music is an escape to me. when i have a bad morning I turn on my phriends and they cheer me. but even on a good day I still have music playing all the time and when theres no radio its playing in my head.
General Interests:hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, golf, weed and beer, friends, shows fo sho. OOOOO and the biggest interest of mine! Stayin positive!
Other Distractions:trees, sunsets, family, phriends, rum, work, drama (unfortunatly) dancing out of control and crime fighting!


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