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About me:Hi. I like to go hiking and do other outdoor activities. I also enjoy going to music shows and concerts. I work in a professional field and mostly enjoy what I do. My job stresses me out but otherwise I'm a very laid-back person. I took off a few years back and completed a long-distance hike. I like challenges but enjoy the simple things in life. I'm honest, responsible, interesting, open-minded, adventurous, with a good sense of humor. An optimist, I can always find something about the situation to laugh at.
Member Since:May 26, 2005
Last Login:December 16, 2009
Location:Bloomsburg, PA
Music means to me:Music means a lot to me. A good way to escape or a good way to connect. Music can enhance emotions or change the way you feel. Good for relaxation as well as a way to get going.
General Interests:Hiking, photography, ice hockey, business


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