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About me:I am a Colorado mountian boy at heart that ended up in the overcrowded depths of Florida. Love outdoor activities, hikeing, bikeing, kayaking, skiing, all of it. I am going to Community College and can't wait to go to a University to study Architecture either up north or back in Colorado.
Member Since:February 18, 2006
Last Login:January 3, 2014
Location:Loveland, CO
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:Life. I have played harmonica for years but started playing guitar about 7 months ago and am trying to learn bass and drums simultaniously (trying to do the K-DUB thing). But misic is one of the most important things in my life. Music, Laughter and Love, the three ecentials for life. I love how music can bring thousands of different types of people all together for one event and it is purly for joy. nothing else can stand in the way. you can forget about all the matierial shit for a short time and simply enjoy the moment.
Schools:Summit High School, Jupiter High School, Palm Beach Community College
General Interests:music, skiing, kayaking, bikeing, hiking,
Other Distractions:All calssic comedies like Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, Animal House, Mel Brooks movies, and Quintin Tarrentino. He is a fucking genus, Pul Fiction is masterpeice.


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