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About me:I love seeing music and I write reviews and take pictures for
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Music means to me:One road to enlightenment in a certain form. PHISH! Seeing other diverse musicians and festivals.
Schools:La Salle University ('98), Metropolitan State College of Denver ('02), and Naropa University ('05 - now)
General Interests:Philadelphia sports teams, my new baby, disc golf, travel, and hangin' out with friends.
Other Distractions:Shows! I can't resist going to shows!!


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Music is not the same without Phish!
Thu 11/15/2007 9:26AM
I've had a music void in my life since Coventry. I still have seen and reviewed lots of shows for, over the years, but I haven't found the joy of a Phish show anywhere else. The tours, venues, and intimate musical rides that Phish conducts cannot be replaced. We made tshirts, sold food, sneaked into shows, mail ordered, partied, and celebrated every show as if it was the last, and I'm happy that I can say after over 100 shows, I did my best to see them as much as I could. I wish they would form again before their age and ambition catch up to them too much. I know that it has to come soon. I don't want them to be making comebacks like the Police, Sabbath, etc. where they play all of their hits. I want a genuine forming of the creativity that they shared. You can do it guys