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About me:Born out of late-night jam sessions at the infamous C.B.I. in Madison,WI, The People Brothers Band has begun to make their mark on the midwest music scene. What started as a project between founding members Tim Lochner(rhythm guitar/vocals),Greg “the Beard” Schmitt(drums/vocals), has grown into a 16 legged, 79 toed, 8 headed beast of a band. Dubbed “soul-jammers” by local newspaper the “Isthmus” (

The People Brothers Band has a diverse sound drawn from soul, R&B, funk, classic jam rock, blues, folk, and Reggae. Their eclectic mix of original songs and covers has moved dance floors and minds across the upper midwest. In late 2008/early 2009 they joined forces with Adam S…(percussion/vocals) and singer/songwriter Bobby Genius (keyboards/vocals) , and have since had a steady diet of shows and travel. From college-town bars in Iowa and Minnesota, to ski resorts in upper Michigan, outdoor music festivals to Wisco bonfires, the occasional house party, and of course, frequent shows in Mad-City, The PBB always deliver a solid live performance. After less than a year into their schedule, they produced, hosted, and played their own grassroots independent music festival (PeopleFest 2009) in southern Wisconsin. Featuring 10 regional and local bands from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. Stay tuned for People Fest 2010!!!

In December 2009 the band was introduced to the sounds of the beautiful Teresa Marie(vocals) and it was instant chemistry. After People Fest 2010 the Band added long time friends of the band Nick Avery-Bucher (Lead guitar/Vocals)and Matt Simmerman(Sax,Vocals). The band was only missing a Reverend!!! So in January 2011, Rev. Scott James Lochner (Bass, Vocals) finally joined the band! So we can now officially answer, yes there are finally actual brothers in the band!

You can find them at,, facebook under thepeople brothersband, twitter, (email), or better yet, catch them live at one of their many shows this year!
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