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About me:hmm... i grew up with the greatful dead. well...i guess i didnt really grow up...i love jam bands, i have lived in the northwest for a good portion of my life. i work in the medical field. i listen to music all day, i love hiking, going to the river, and when those are out of the option just walking my dog. i dont know what else to new at this whole computer thing.
Member Since:March 17, 2007
Last Login:August 20, 2007
Location:Vancouver, WA
Birthday:May 27
Music means to me:to me music is my voice...when i dont have the words it feels like i can plug into a song and every thing i need to say just poors out in the lyrics. its my life, its my soul...and it is most definatly my rythem.
Schools:so long ago i dont remember : D hmm...monte vista, del norte, edgewood and clark college.
General Interests:music, family, nature, peace love and happiness (haha my daughter added that one) good coffee!! and some times a good bottle of wine or micro brew.
Other Distractions:im really hooked on smallville, and movies that make me think such as what the bleep do we know?


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