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About me:Hey: My name's JB. I play in a band called The Peacheaters: An Allman Brothers Experience. I am so happy to be able to share this music with the world. Our goal is to keep the vibe alive. We write and perform our own music too. Ya'll come see us.

Member Since:August 13, 2003
Last Login:January 20, 2010
Location:Needham Heights, MA
Music means to me:My happiest moments involve music. It stirs my soul.
It has saved my life... more than once. I reaches places inside me and reveals thougths and emotions I can't begin to explain. "Full of tastes no tongue can know and lights no eye can see." Whew... that moves me every time.
Schools:Valdosta State College, Valdosta, GA
General Interests:Music, flyfishing, peace and love.
Other Distractions:music, books and the sounds of nature


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