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About me:Born and raised in the country. Raised with an American Indian respect for our mother Earth(Gaea).I struggle to find my path to fulfillment with purpose.Music sooths and empowers me.All I feel I need ,is a partner to share my days with ,creating memories with our fidelity. Peace and Respect to all , I crave Simple People,Simple Pleasures,good food drink music,campfires,sunrises,and a gypsy woman that loves to dance and treat her man right.
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Member Since:March 25, 2008
Last Login:May 26, 2011
Location:Poughkeepsie, NY
Birthday:November 8
Music means to me:feeds my soul and lifts my spirit high
Listening to:
Since the days when I was 6 and snuck downstairs at 2Am to play my dad's Mahavishnu Orchestra,Santana ,Iron Butterfly and Cream records I knew this to be true..." Music is the Magic Power In Me" Triumph ,"Magic Power"

Listening to : Triumph,"Lay it on The Line
This was back in the day when you could only get front row if you slept out overnight at the venue box office.
All those front rows Triumph,Queen,Molly Hatchet,Rush , all those broken frizzbees at 10 degrees.
Schools:aas electronics and programming @ Dutch Comm.College, DCC BOCES Electronics,
General Interests:photography,camping,concerts,drumming,motorcycling,boating,internet research,beer and wings,mountainbiking,rowing crew,snowboarding,music festivals ,Hiking,martial arts,
Other Distractions:International Space Station,dating positive enthusiastic women,
racing cars, roses,steaks,laughter,smiles....lots of smiles {:> {:> {:> {:>


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