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About me:There is not much to say really, I am Armenian and Irish. I am a photographer who is going to be working on my masters in about 6 months. I listen to music, read and go to concerts. I love camping and having fun.
Member Since:May 7, 2008
Last Login:May 7, 2008
Location:Dover, NH
Birthday:October 30
Music means to me:I love music. I love listening to every kind of music there is. Music soothes the soul. To sum it up nicely, music is life.
Schools:Graduated from Troy High School

Got my Photography degree from McIntosh College
and am heading to Savannah GA to get my masters from SCAD.
General Interests:reading, camping, hiking, kayaking, road trips, hanging with people who have some good vibes...chillen around a campfire with good friends...
Other Distractions:people. I love people.


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