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About me:Besides my day job as a Budget Analyst for the Nevada Department of Taxation, I'm also the rhythm guitarist and sound engineer for two bands: "ET Highway" and "Trippin Buddhas." I'm also the owner and general manager of Slide Mountain Studio.
Member Since:July 10, 2008
Last Login:August 11, 2008
Location:Carson City, NV
Birthday:March 13
Music means to me:Music is an integrated part of my life. I listen to it for enjoyment, I play it for fun, and I enjoy helping other artists bring their music to life and share it with others through my music studio. I listen to many types of music and I appreciate all genres and styles.
Schools:I graduated from Eldorado High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've yet to finish my degrees in college, but on-the-job experience has proven to be even more beneficial in the long run.
General Interests:Reading, camping, traveling and exploring, casual computer gaming, and listening to live original music.
Other Distractions:I consider work to be a distraction from the music I love. ;-)


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