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About me:I have the privilege to be a Miracle Worker devoted to a Life of Service. A Deadhead since the Werewolves of Red Rocks show July 8, 1978 and a clean Wharf Rat since September 6, 1983.
Member Since:November 1, 2002
Last Login:June 12, 2014
Location:Boulder, CO
Music means to me:Life is a Dance of Energy and you can often find me in Dancing Movement Spiritual Practice at Quixote's or shows of any/many of the Grateful Dead Family of artists.

The Dharma of the Spiritual Dance of Manifest Intention is ontologically rooted in 11-Dimension String Theory and epistemologically expressed through the channeling of contemporary songwriters, particularly Robert Hunter and Bob Dylan. Practice consists of daily study of a song lyric and repeated listening to the songwriters performance of the music throughout the day as a Mantra. Male-Female relations are Tantric in nature, recognizing the spirituality in sexual energy.

Keep On Dancin'
Schools:University of Kansas School of Medicine
University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy
New Mexico State University
University of Colorado
Widefield High School
General Interests:Each day I pray to grow spiritually that I may become a better communicator of the Voice of God in thought, word, and deed. My extensive prior experience with psychedelic substances, both synthetic and through the spirits in natural psychoactive plants, opened "the doors of perception" to many alternate realities. I've found that once opened, I no longer need substances to look through the mirror to reality.

The past lives of which I am aware have been as a Japanese peasant, a monk, a hermit, and an Egyptian. I have chosen this life in Western society to work on Karmic issues of authority, power, and violence and embracing the challenge of transcending the western socialization of individualism and materialism and becoming a postmodern Monk. Now that I can briefly "see" with true Spirit "vision", each moment of creation has become one of unlimited possibility where I am always willing to be pleasantly surprised by the miraculous events that commonly occur.
Other Distractions:My ginormous white dog NAPI is one of my Spirit Animals incarnate, a bodhisattva who has chosen to reincarnate around the wheel once more to help me REMEMBER that I am in the world but not of the world. His job is "to shed light not to master."


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