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About me:I was born in Chicago. I grew up in South Carolina. I'm back in Chicago.
Member Since:October 9, 2007
Last Login:February 16, 2010
Location:Mokena, IL
Birthday:June 25
Music means to me:Everything Everything Everything!
I could live without TV.
I could live without Computers.
I could live on bread and water alone.
I could not live without music.
Univ. of SC
Joliet Junior
General Interests:Life, Schooling, Books, Movies, Women, Mind Expansion, Deep Thinking, Enlightenment, Love, Existence, Road Trips, Finding Myself, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, The Ocean's, Thunderstorms, Overcast, Pretty much everything Mother Nature has ever offered me.
Other Distractions:Anyone I can learn from.
Anyone I can teach.


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