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About me:I'm 24 years old. Soccer, kayaking, camping, and good music are all part of my daily dose. I'm a weekend hopper. I love to travel to shows or overnight hideaways on the weekend but its always back to the 9-5er on Monday.
Member Since:April 23, 2008
Last Login:December 10, 2008
Location:Collinsville, MS
Birthday:July 21
Music means to me:Music is the place where I indulge myself. Where I let go of inhibitions and insecurities and simply enjoy myself. It creates an amazing kinship among my core friends, and a bond with those I meet along the way. Cheers to the music.
Schools:College and military training
General Interests:soccer, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, four wheeling, snow skiing, water skiing
Other Distractions:I think i have some undiagnosed ADD so there's a new distraction everyday

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