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About me:Love Great Music. If you can't move hearts to do more, then get off the stage and make room for me. If all you do is stand and bob your head, you will get made fun of and everyone will think your a narc.
Member Since:October 18, 2005
Last Login:September 27, 2013
Location:Nashville, TN
Birthday:January 21
Music means to me:It gives my soul a voice. Music hits and I feel no pain. It's my favorite love after the people that are close to me; Because only for them, will I turn it off. My inner voice is a musician and man he can jam. That was too positive. Also, Auto tune is the cheating girlfriend of music. DTA!
Schools:UAH university at home
General Interests:A girl. Finding and learning something new. (today: How to start my own festival) Inspire the extraordinary in people. Never seeing a show the same way. How you gonna know what you like unless you try them all.
Other Distractions:T.V. is never reality but is a good way to kill time while she's getting ready. Pick-up a book. Any sport but mostly soccer. Working to support my show habit and future mortgage.


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