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About me:This whole crazy thing started when Chris and Eric Martin started playing together in 2004. They were jamming on a lot of traditional acoustic songs from bands like CCR and The Eagles, just for fun, and writing some blues rock influenced original material that they thought sounded pretty cool. One night at a party, Andrew Calise found his way into a G'N'R conversation with Eric and within a week, he was brought into the mix. The three kept on writing riffs, which quickly turned into a couple of tunes, some finding there way onto recordings and others being left for dead. Held at bay due to the lack of a drummer, they weren't going anywhere fast. Eric started playing in a heavy metal cover band, for a little bit of excitement and a few extra bucks in his pocket. They were practicing at a local studio where drummer Rob Iacone had worked for a while. Eric convinced Rob to Jam a bit with Chris and Drew, and there was a lot of energy in the room during that first jam. Rob was playing in another band which had soon parted ways, and was now able to focus more of that energy towards this new project. One afternoon, at Chris' place, Eric and Chris were passing the time with some beers and guitars in the back yard sun, while Adriel Mourey, who was staying at a friends house next door, popped his head over the fence to say he liked what he was hearing. A beer was offered, the fence was hopped, and the singer was found. Hanging around the fire, getting drunk, and playing music all night that night, they were all excited about what was happening. The 5 soon got together for a jam session and 'Country Girls' was written...on the spot, or, as some might say, 'Off the Cuff.' 4 months and about 12 songs later, the name, and the band, Overgrown was here.
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Location:Canisteo, NY
Birthday:October 15
Music means to me:Music is everything to this band, that's why we've created the Overgrown Musik and Arts Festival


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