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About me:Fun loving, outgoing, easy living, stress free existence is what I shoot for. The less drama, the better. Music is a gateway to that and much more. If not a gateway than definitely a conduit.
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Location:Morton, PA
Birthday:July 8
Music means to me:My brother in law recently said to me, surprised, "You're still going to concerts?" "When it's no longer fun, I'll no longer go." Music opens my mind. Shuts out distractions. Recalls times good and bad. Helps me reflect. Brings me peace. Always surprises me and it amazes me how it can lift me and take me from one moment to the next.
Schools:Harvard, Delaware County Community College, State University College of Malibu Adjacent
General Interests:Redsox Baseball, Vikings football&Flyers hockey, people,reading&learning,movies, bad ones, incredibly bad ones &good ones, meditation, The Howard Stern Show
Other Distractions:Camping, running, biking, micro brews, festivals & happenings


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Cornmeal/Railroad earth at Rams Head Live in Baltimore
Sun 11/21/2010 5:45PM
The only regret that I had about this show is that Cornmeal played just 45 minutes as the opening act. It's the first time I've seen them and, my God, were they amazing. That chick can play that fiddle. Unreal. What a great time all around. Good beer. Lot's of dancing
The Mule in Philly
Sat 8/21/2010 2:55PM
The Gov't. Mule show in Philly a week ago, 8-14-10. Amazing. I just happened to type into youtube today to see if there were any video of the Mule with Trombone Shorty, who was the first opener, and was stunned to see a couple of GREAT videos of them playing together at that show. It was incredible to be there, maybe 10 feet from the stage, to witness it but I got a rush all over again to see such cool videoo of that segment of the show. It closed the first set when The Mule kicked into The Deads The Other One and Shorty came on midway through to blow away the crowd with his great horn playing. He stayed out for 32-20 Blues and the set closer Soulshine. Really spectacular. I've already got a copy of the show and have been listening to it constantly. I highly urge everyone to check it out on youtube. Just type in Gov't. Mule + Trombone Shorty and it'll pop right up. This is what its all about, right? Uplifting, spectacular, inspirational. Love The Mule