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About me:always weird to write about myself... i'm from cleveland, been seeing shows since I was 16, my 1st was when the rock hall inducted the further bus, got to see ken kesey speak, pretty special to me, not long later my mom dropped me off @ my 1st festival, NORML's Rainbow Arts & Music fest 1997! mom had no idea where she was dropping me off! From there I got into hookah & have seen them 30+ times...love me some hookah, favorite hookah show was golden eye in 99...also love the ledges, 1st time there was in 98 for the 1st seafood fest with leftover salmon & hypnotic clambake, been going there 14 years now & its crazy, makes me feel old but its been really amazing to be part of this community & to watch it grow & expand as I have...other then that since then i lived & worked all throughout the country & I try to catch shows where ever i am...right now i really like the werks, devil makes three, alex bevan, etc
Member Since:December 5, 2005
Last Login:February 25, 2012
Location:Cleveland, OH
Birthday:June 9
Music means to me:Self expression meets collective consciousness. A universal language in which we express ourselves, harness the energies around us, mourn, hope, protest, communicate ideas, play, arouse. Entrainment, not entertainment, but that too, rhythms adapting to each others timing in order to harmonize, off the cuff improvisations, learning honesty..., sweating into a puddle but still dancing bc u contribute to the energy of the band & the music & the crowd, & one gets off the other & it doesn't stop
Schools:Hocking College- Eco-tourism & Adventure Travel
General Interests:Backpacking, drumming, poetry, music, partying
Other Distractions:work


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