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About me:60s survivor; rooted in R&B, Airplane and Dead. Go to many shows from bluegrass to rock. Current favorites: Ratdog, Grace Potter & Nocturnals, Phil Lesh and Friends, Steve Kimock, Jon Butler Trio
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Music means to me:Happiness.....Motivation.... Community.....Loves those Deadheads!!!! Well most of them anyway..
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Ratdog and Allman Brothers Saratoga Springs 8/19
Thu 8/28/2008 3:26PM
summer is here and the time is once again right to experience the RD/ABB tour.  for me it is always right to experience Bob Weir and Friends.  Saratoga Springs had all these signs about alcohol in the parking lot.  i am grateful that these must have referred to rubbing alchohol!!!  the lot scene was fun, and my vocabulary continues to be updated. 

Ratdog gave us an upbeat creative performance.  Great combination of tunes, in fact I have seen the band four times and not once has a tune been repeated across shows.  Bob seems to have gone through a transformation; he as active, playful, voice was actually alive and powerful.  Gave us Miracle, Masterpiece, Winners, Scarlet, Foolish Heart as well as an amazing Sugaree!!!  The lawn was dancing the vibe was fantastic. worth the 160 miles up the thruway/northway for the event.

Allmans were interesting as always.  i go back with them to 1971 and idlewild south (i think that was the album).  warren haynes really drives the band, and derek trucks is amazing.  good to see greg in good health once again and of course Oteil (who got to solo towards the end on bass...then slide over to the percussion session also..).  their fans are a much broader audience than I usually encounter, more conservative, less tie dye and less familiar with the music.  this is the plight of a deadhead, i imagine.  but i was happy to have seen them once again. 

last show of the summer for me...  all in all it is good to hear music being created on the fly as these two bands still do....  long live the JAM..
Gathering of the Vibes 2008
Thu 8/7/2008 1:30PM
A wonderful musical experience for my crew.  Of course Phil Lesh and Friends, but that for me is a no-brainer.   Really enjoyed Zappa Plays Zappa,  Assembly of Dust,  Jackie Greene, NRPS, Bill Kreutzmann Trio and Mike Gordon also.   The crowd was quite cool, lots of chill folks; young and old hippies.  Great hula hoops (see youtube under Gathering of Vibes you will see what I mean!!!).  Neville Brothers ended festival with a high energy dance jam set. 

Zappa and Kreutzmann really surprised me, the others I have experienced before. 
Sound was really good, shockingly.  Two stages kept the festibval flowing; in fact on Saturday after a torrential storm hit, everything became faster, during Bill Kreutzmann's last number, Bertha,  Mike Gordon's conga player, drummer and Mike decided to play along on the adjacent stage...I am not sure Bill and friends realized this into well into the jam then Mike and Billy's guitar player Scott were signaling between them as the sets transitioned from Billy to Mike.  This was quite cool....

This was the first somewhat major festival I have had the energy to go to, since Woodstock.  That is pretty sick isn't it!!!  Now I have learned this is the way to go and next season I will look into Mountain Jam and consider the Vibes once again.