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About me:i love playing SOCCER! i also love cheerleading and most definitly boys. my daddys the 36 riches person in the world well at least i think its 36 and basicaly my vocabulary consists of thats hot your not got good ih and I LOVE ????
Member Since:September 2, 2007
Last Login:June 25, 2008
Location:Pittston, PA
Birthday:October 6
Music means to me:music is a big part of life and shows who you are on the out but yet the inside of you with out it we'd all be the same
Schools:wyoming area, and MHS
General Interests:im also iterested in cheerleading, field hockey ,and basketball
Other Distractions:SEXY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!


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motionless in white
Sun 9/2/2007 12:53PM

omg TJ Bell is soooooo hott!!!