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About me:Hello. I'm Sara most people call me Ping though or some other form of Ping like Pingleberry, Pinglebong, Pingle... and the beat goes on...
So yes music. I think we are all here for the same reason. Music is one of the most amazing, life inspiring influences in my life. and Jam music well we all know how we like to get down. Love love love dancing around and singing to good upbeat music. Nothing makes you feel better or more free.
Member Since:April 25, 2005
Last Login:March 10, 2009
Location:Dyer, IN
Birthday:June 16
Music means to me:Music means expression. Helping you cope with your feelings or mood.
General Interests:Music, making music, knowledge-learning, new ideas and concepts, reading, friends and family, school, kids, my puppie Archy, art art art, writing, traveling- everywhere anywhere, I'm actually really interested in everything. I love learning about new ideas and hearing people views and opinions on different subjects.


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