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About me:My name is Steve. I'm a freelance publicist for musicians. Check out my blog. I do promotional work locally in NYC for Rocks Off, and I work in the Cyber PR department at Ariel Publicity. I also write professional bios, arrange and book shows, set up recording sessions for LPs and high res music videos, and promote for concerts. It's all a fairly new game to me, but as an avid fan of seeing live music, I love every moment of it.

Next Friday will be my friend Elisabeth's benefit show for childrens' cancer at Sin-e. Don't miss it people! 11/10 on the LES.

And on 11/19 I put together another incredible night at the Knit featuring my top 4. This is the show in November to see, with the breakout stage debut of the most promising young female singer in New York, Aurora Rose.

Also check out my snazzy new BLOG!
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need ride to Langerado from northeast!
Mon 3/3/2008 9:23PM
My ride to Langerado just bailed! I desperately need a ride. If you're passing through the NYC area and have any room at all, please do a guy a huge favor. I am glad to take a bus/train to meet you and split any and all travel expenses.

contact via my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/nyhippy