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About me:Some say neo-hippie. I say easy going, progressive, jam band lovin', local brewery supportin', liberal thinkin', professional in an area where those things aren't seen very often.
I'm the person who prefers to walk or ride my bike to the coffee shop/grocery store rather than drive cuz it's better for all. Love my friends. Extremely passionate about what I believe in.
I believe in...camping, hiking, jam band shows, kayaking, mountain biking, sense of humor
Member Since:February 16, 2007
Last Login:November 6, 2015
Location:Pasco, WA
Birthday:March 9
Music means to me:life...what else do I need to say
Schools:attended a lot of school, learned more outside of class than in
General Interests:camping, hiking, jam band shows, kayaking, mountain biking,
Other Distractions:contemplating this whole 2012 debacle and what to do w/ my single socks (damn dryer)


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