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About me:I live in the southwest part of Colorado and LOVE IT! I am a "bounus years deadhead" I got to see 1994 summer tour and part of 1995. My big omen was when Jerry died on my birthday Aug 9th. That fat bastard saved my life! =) I then spent time in Cali. protesting with EF! to help defend the Old Growth Redwoods.Years latter I became a Daddy and took my kids to as many festivals as possible. Now my kids love live music as well and live with their Mommy in NY. But, my kids will be going to as many shows as they can. They went to Moe Down this year.
Member Since:December 13, 2007
Last Login:September 4, 2013
Location:Arvada, CO
Birthday:August 9
Music means to me:“There's nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.”
Mickey Hart quote
Music has feed my soul ever since I was able to hear. I get lifted every show I hear and see. The tone, vibrations, and feeling of the unity with the crowd and band. WHAT A HIGH!!!
Schools:The many roads of LIFE...
General Interests:EATH FIRST!, "no fuckin comprimise in defence of Mother Earth", Nature/Wilderness,Native American traditional culture,TAO, ZEN, Drumming, Gardening, Traveling, Climbing, poetry, quotes, and all kinds of Positive Vibrations!
Other Distractions:MY KIDS! Philosophy and the cosmos. And that annoying buzzing in my ear.


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