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About me:Self aware, self programmable machine. Mostly directed by instincts beyond my control, but it all seems to be working out OK. Fascinated with life on earth and life itself. Always looking for answers yet with age have learned to accept that some things are unknowable. It may be better that way anyway. Sometimes wish the world was more magical than it is, particularly with respect the the abstraction of our lives. Certainly our existence is magical.
Member Since:April 21, 2003
Last Login:December 23, 2013
Location:Alameda, CA
Birthday:July 1
Music means to me:I suppose it has been with me for my whole life. It is primal. Yet it is also a representation of high intelligence of a certain kind, particularly for those who can play it, of whom I am not one. I do however play some bass, but I am not good. Nevertheless, if you ever need a bass player who can play one cord over and over again, I could be of some use to you.

Anyway, Jam music, and the artists on my list, are cool because they play music that you can loose yourself in, which is where there is some magic in life. It can also make you laugh and feel good.

Finally, music is memories. Usually good ones. It is also emotion, so you can relate.

For most of my life I was looking for a music scene. It was amazing that it took me until I was 40 years old before I discovered there was so much beyond FM radio. This is a problem in the world. But I suppose the best things in life have to be worked for.
Schools:Ohio State
DeVry Institute of Technology
Steven's Institute of Technology
Don Bosco High School
Sacred Heart School
General Interests:Sailing, running, hiking, photography, bass, reading, technology, science, philosophy, history, economics.
Other Distractions:objectivism, family, good times.


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