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About me:very genuine, honest, and down to earth. i get a long with everyone, and love to laugh. i am happiest when i'm helping others. i like to party, i love to dance.
Member Since:May 8, 2008
Last Login:May 8, 2008
Location:Norfolk, VA
Birthday:December 2
Music means to me:The words that I can't express are expressed through other people's music. Its total therapy. It can change experiences from good to better and the worst of times to tolerable. It motivates me, relaxes me, inspires me, it moves me.
Schools:Bachelor's in Psychology/Chemistry/Pre-med
General Interests:medicine, chemistry, salsa dancing, yoga, people, aging, the general pursuit of happiness
Other Distractions:charities, volunteering, doctor's without borders, my sisters, spinoza, hemingway,


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