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About me:Well, I was born in Alabama but have been living in GA for many years now. With whatever free time that I have, I am either reading a book, playing guitar, watching movies, or doing one of those other random activities that happen to come my way.
Member Since:November 17, 2005
Last Login:December 13, 2010
Location:Smyrna, GA
Birthday:April 7
Music means to me:It is my heart and soul! I've been playing guitar for 15 years and have been singing for much longer than that. I have written a fair number of tunes in that amount of time, but also play tunes ranging from Grateful Dead to Ryan Adams. I've got to have improvisation in most music that I listen to! If an artist becomes too structured, then they have lost the point of why they are playing in the first place; or maybe they never knew it to begin with! Of course, this is my personal opinion on the matter.
Schools:Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Kennesaw State University.
General Interests:Books, movies, the mountains, skiing, rafting, camping, and most new experiences that might come my way.
Other Distractions:Work.


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