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About me:A spiritual warrior walking through hell.Been a demon since before the time of man. Still waiting for all the children of the world to wake up. We don't know what this world really is. All we do is try to describe what little we can perceive. The sky pulls us up and can let us go anywhere. Nothing is stopping us from infinity except our reason. Every second doesn't exist. Attempting to find harmony with my tonal and Nagual. Practicing the unknown. Going back where I came from. I love this world it gives me all i need. Everything it will teach me can never be forgotten. When death comes i know i will still be bound to this planet due to my love for it. I never know when i will die so i am trying to live my life like each moment is my last.
Member Since:June 29, 2008
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Location:New Albany, IN
Birthday:August 7
Music means to me:every thing
Schools:In college
General Interests:Movies, Travel, Reading, Music, Yoga, Herb, Nature, Clubs, Dancing, Ethnic Foods, Working Aboard, Religons, Meditation, Grand Father Peyote, Canada, Ancient History, Anthropology,Sex, Life, expanding levals of awareness,Transcending space and time, Circles, The Cosmos, non-doing,Poetry, Art, photagraphy, Video games, School, Peace, Love and Chicken grease.


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