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About me:groovin' to crunchy, in the back of your spine, tune-age. underground 90's hip-hop, electronica that just won't quit, hash browns in yo face, and dirty dirty bass. I love music, anything ranging from bluegrass to tech/house (just no gospel). I go to as many concerts as i can afford, and summertime=festival time.

Other hobbies/interests include; disc golf, hiking/camping, DANCING, hackey sack, beach missions, road trips, star-gazing, intelligent political and philosophical conversations, burning things, throwing rocks, and ever so much more...if ya wanna know more just holla, otherwise i'll see ya on the dance floor.
Member Since:January 25, 2009
Last Login:August 18, 2010
Location:Kalamazoo, MI
Birthday:September 30
Other Distractions:the sun, the moon, stars, pine trees, our mother earth, picking scabs, laughing at people in polo shirts, the shades of grass, beat drops know.


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