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About me:I love life, and I love music. I go to shows whenever I can to dance my heart out, and I can always be found at the local watering hole. Right now I'm bartending to pay my way through school (I'm in my eighth year). In a year or so I plan to be teaching elementary music. I'm a trained classical guitarist, but I love the drums. I was born and raised on Phish, but am in absolute awe and admiration of what the scene has become since their second hiatus. Also, a few friends and I are in the process of putting a small rock band together (Dead, Phish, TLG, Allmans, Elvis, Beatles, Stones, and more). If anyone would like to talk music or has advice, especially on band names, please send me a message.
Member Since:June 27, 2003
Last Login:May 12, 2010
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:January 20
Music means to me:In the past few years music has become more than a pastime for me. It has become my career. I plan to teach elementary music next year and am trying to get a band off of the ground. I chose this path because music is perfection. It is mindful, nonjudgemental, and accessable to everyone. When the power of a great groove penetrates your soul and sends you the hardest dancing fit of your life, that's perfection, and that is the feeling I'm constantly trying to recreate. I especially love the "jam band" scene because it is this very personal and sincere musical niche where good music has been forced to reside ever since pop took over. LIke pop or not, it has pushed great music underground for us and created this wonderful scene. I love meeting someone else who is into the jam scene. Its as if your immediately kindred spirits without even knowing each other.
Schools:Business Degree from VMI in '01 and pursuing a Music Education Degree from VCU.
General Interests:Sports, Comic Books, Friends, and Drinking
Other Distractions:Liz


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