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About me:I like jamming and jamming a little further even when I have jammed myself out. There is no such thing as over jamming in my world. I am also working to get my masters in environmental planning so I can help with reversing all the bullshit we've done to our mother. Our kids need some soft grass and trees to play in.
Member Since:July 21, 2005
Last Login:August 8, 2013
Location:Hebron, MD
Birthday:November 22
Music means to me:Everything.
Schools:Salisbury University
General Interests:Drums and other jamming utensils. The shack, the musical fortress that we all know so well. The shack dwellers: Jackson Montgomery, Sank Diddle-pop, Mankerton Manchez Freedmont, and of course the Benjamin Funk Machine Rodriguez. Also Jack Kornfield and Vipassana Meditation.
Other Distractions:Feeling no pain occasionally. Bumpin flainder awn da haid. Things that are Kynd in nature.


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