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About me:I'm always on time, and exactly where i need to be. I love adventures.
Member Since:May 5, 2009
Last Login:December 10, 2011
Location:Murfreesboro, TN
Birthday:June 15
General Interests:sustainability, food, artistic flare, god consciousness, extreme gardening, Americas effin healthcare system, activism, flirting, quantom physics, female anatomy, down-to-earth people, false perceptions, guiltless naps, reality, getting my feet wet, staying alive, people that seem stupid but are actually really smart, foreigners, live shows, trips, eye freckles, anything that has to do with snow, the absurd, what exactly do animals spend their time thinking about?, surrender, surprises, suffering, finding good things in not very nice people. music, art, bending the rules, triathlons, disk golf, spell check, helping people, dancing, playing in the rain, our home, veggies, painting, volley ball, poker, roughing it, intimacy, adventure racing, non-fiction, carpoos, festivals, trees, snow skiing, friends, meeting new people, watching people, having my cake and eating it too


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