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About me:I am an average enough person. I love my music and the list I have here is just the start of what I like to listen to. I listen to a lot of defferent types of music from heavy rock to classical, the only music I don't like is that acid shit. The only thing close to that I would listen to is Prodigy.
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Music means to me:Music is an escape from the real world which can be shitty, but it can also be what can get you through a day, you know if you have a lot of physical work to do you can put on some prodigy to get you going stuff like that.
Schools:not a whole lot apart from just life.
General Interests:Aniamals especially dogs, and I love to go walking in the countryside.
Other Distractions:Reading and yoga


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gigs for me sharon
Tue 1/15/2008 1:45PM

Hi people,

My name is Sharon and I am looking for info on any good gigs to go to this year.I have not been to a hole lot and want to change that this year. I have been to a few festival and I like them but not a hole lot of one night gigs. I have heard of a rumour that Blind Melon are reforming obviously not with the beloved Shannon Hoon at the head of the band but would love to know if anyone can confirm this for me. Also does anyone remember a band called Live they were big in around the early to mid 90's, I have heard they have some new stuff aswell. Well hope some one can confirm these rumours and give me any other  good info.