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About me:first show ever was the pop sucks tour with green day...hey this is me being honest...and then there was my first festival ever Summer Camp 05' and that really set the mood after that there was pretty much nothing but festivlals. I ended up making the decision to join the navy after a couple of years and am currently awaiting the end of my military contract in 2 years to go to purdue university and study conservational science. Joining the military has moved me so far away from music and the scene it's depressing, so every chance i get I live to the fullest enjoying the good vibes and great people you meet at shows. Can't wait to make this a full time thing again but having left it for now i appreciate all i had then.
Member Since:October 22, 2007
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Location:Ashland, WI
Birthday:July 29
Music means to me:Music is so much more than notes being played in perfect harmoney on different instuments. Now take that harmonious, beautiful, passionate combination of notes that music we all love so much combined with the people you meet, groove, and party with all night long and sometimes all life long, and you have the true essence of what music is, was, and forever will be...the best time and the best place with the best people all vibing off those notes of music.
Schools:highschool and some college


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