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About me:I've been into music since I was little. When I was 12 years old I was in a book store where Jelly Roll Morton, an old rag time/jazz piano player, was playing over the speaker and I asked my mom to get me the tape. I started liking jazz and classical early. As I grew up I started to listen to more mainstream music, partly due to fitting in at school. Grundge and Rap. But once I reached high school I started going my own way and listening to a lot classic rock. My father got me into stuff like the Allman Brothers and Little Feat and some bluegrass stuff like Tony Rice. Those early explorations in listening to music lead me on a constant quest to find something new and different. Something that had the sponetnaity of jazz, the emotion of blues, the balls of rocks, the melody of bluegrass, the structure of classical. When I was 16 a guy I worked with introduced me to Galactic and from there I started listening to all sorts of stuff and become almost obsessed with finding new music and new bands to follow. Right now I work as a photographer in South Carolina. I'm near Western North Carolina, a hot bed for creative music, so its not bad.
Member Since:September 7, 2006
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Location:Anderson, SC
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. Its a language with no set alphabet, verbs or structure and speaks to everyone differently. Its a part of humanity. Its the highest form of expression. Some one can play a song and I know if they are sad, happy, nostalgic, etc.
Schools:Eastern Kentucky University
General Interests:Playing music, listening to music, photography, hiking, driving on country roads, art, cooking, talking with friends, road trips


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