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About me:My name is Natttie I am a student at West Virginia University . My major is Fashion Design. If I am not in the studio, classroom, or library than I am at the bar checkin out live music. I love all sorts of music from Bluegrass to Electronic. I have been recognized from my dancing, i guess i have skill.haha
Member Since:March 18, 2008
Last Login:August 19, 2014
Birthday:August 17
Music means to me:Music is my therapy, it is a way for me to leave the outside world, all the anxieties ,deadlines, problems and gives me the time to wind down chill out and enjoy.
Schools:undergraduate at WVU
General Interests:Fashion, Camping/Hiking, Painting/Drawling, Singing, interior design, swimming, festivals, shoWs, good friends,good music, good times!
Other Distractions:Definately Alcohol, I would have soo much accomplished if I didn't drink as much as I do. Other than that I belive moderation is key , of course!


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