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About me:I'm 21 and I'm a student at the College of Charleston. I love playing with my black lab (dressing her up in costumes, going to the park, taking her everywhere), going to concerts, going to the beach, avoiding studying at all costs, watching HBO on Demand, looking at and taking pictures, happy hour, and having fun. The best time i've ever had at a music festival was defintely at ALL GOOD 2006. My other favorite shows I have attended were The Disco Biscuits in April of 2006 in Charlotte and Widespread Panic in July 2007 in Charlotte.
Member Since:September 15, 2006
Last Login:March 14, 2012
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:May 19
Music means to me:music takes me to a place where my mom can't find me
Schools:College of Charleston, Broughton High School
General Interests:Penisville, North Dakota


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